The brief

Metfriendly offer a range of products and services for serving and retired police officers and their families. We worked with them to update their website, a main route of applications.

Developing the brand

Something that separates Metfriendly’s brand from those of their competitors is their illustrations. They have a suite of bespoke characters for use on their promotional materials, making them instantly recognisable. The previous website made little use of these, thus creating a disconnect in their marketing and contributing to the sense that some areas of the old website felt too generic.

At concept stage, we introduced more illustrations and use of their house typeface FS Me. This instantly gave ownership of the design to Metfriendly, and made the website consistent with their offline activities.

A clear route to application

One of the key purposes of the website is to generate more applications, so making this process easier was one of our project goals. The previous site appeared more complex than it was; lots of internal links confused the user by adding unnecessary visual language. We simplified the product list and detail pages and made the ‘Apply’ button the strongest element of the page. Making it ‘sticky’ made it is easier for users to apply wherever they are on the page.

Integrating website forms with back office IT

Unarguably the most important part of the application process is the form itself. Each form had its own level of complexity – the most complicated being calculating life insurance premiums. We worked with Metfriendly’s IT department to ensure a seamless system. Key elements are:

  • Promo code validation: Metfriendly can apply these to different forms, set expiry dates for them, check their validity immediately, and direct people to relevant terms and conditions.
  • Email notifications: we added conditional logic so that form user email notifications include specific text depending on what a user has filled in. Examples of this could include requesting a brochure, choosing a specific payment method, or entering a promo code.
  • DotMailer integration: Metfriendly need to add email addresses to their email campaign manager. With DotMailer not providing a straightforward 3rd party integration we engineered a bespoke alternative.

Content first

The success and smooth running of this project was aided by our content-first approach. Metfriendly appointed a team to audit their previous website and develop a new structure. This helped to clarify the purpose of the website and the priority items should take.

Designing with real or proto content makes it easier to make decisions and reduces the number of iterations. It also improves the development stage as amends that can come as a result of unknown content are minimised.


Projects always run better when communication is clear. Using collaboration tools, such as Basecamp and GatherContent, we were able to keep the client informed and vice versa. This, alongside weekly update calls on project progress, gave awareness of responsibility and ensured the deadline was met.

Strong project management skills, exceeding our security requirements, and knowing they would be a good partner ongoing, were the factors that made The Blue Cube stand out.

Ben Grainger, Sales & Marketing Director – Metfriendly