Little Hearts Matter were looking to update their website and visual identity. Over the years many different styles had crept in and their identity had become disjointed. The website, a main point of contact for current and potential new members, was out of date and increasingly difficult to maintain.

Refresh not redesign

We proposed not a complete redesign but taking elements that were working from their existing materials and using these to generate a consistent look.

The most important part of the refresh was the logo – their most recognisable asset. The original heart and jigsaw piece was designed by a charity member and so has a great deal of significance and history. Our brief was to bring the logo up to date without losing the essence of these origins.

Fun but sophisticated

Through the identity we wanted to introduce the feeling of warmth that LHM give to children and families. Their culture is very welcoming of everyone and inclusive of all generations, so it was essential to create an identity that appealed to all.

People interact with the charity on different levels. For many, their first interaction with LHM is as a result of antenatal diagnosis; for others, it’s through fundraising and events. The new identity needed to reflect all of these aspects. Alongside their core colours of red and blue we developed a versatile secondary colour palette that would work to achieve this. As a fun touch, we gave the colours more exciting names such as ‘moody cloud’.

Our font choice also reflected this. A combination of VAG and Helvetica Neue made for a welcoming but professional identity.

Flexible content

For many, the LHM website is a primary resource for information about single ventricle heart condition. The variety of content on the website is extensive, ranging from detailed information about medical procedures to fundraising information and downloads. The website offers many ways for users to engage with the charity, through events calendars, social media and the shop. Younger members have their own section, the Zipper Zone, which is styled slightly differently. This was a situation where flexible content blocks were essential. These allowed LHM to tailor each page to the content type, making it more digestible to the user.

Our biggest design challenge was to create a navigation structure that led users to the information they required.

User testing

An important stage for us during the website development was the opportunity to showcase sections to LHM members at their annual AGM. Around 200 people attended the event and we encouraged charity members and their families to test drive the site.

We used Silverback to record user reactions as they navigated the site as well as an anonymous feedback form. We found negative feedback more useful as it highlighted areas that need improvement if the site is to be a success.

Full visual identity

As part of the project we developed brand guidelines. Along with an appointed ‘brand police officer’ at LHM, the document will help them maintain consistency in their visual identity and across communications.

Along with direction on logo, font and colour use the guidelines included examples of design for printed matter. This included brochures, advertisements and stationery.

lhm brand guidelines cover
You have been lovely to work with and we are very pleased with the partnership.

Suzie Hutchinson, Chief Executive – Little Hearts Matter