Updating the G&O Springs brand

Precision aeronautical spring manufacturer G&O Springs needed to refresh their website and bring it up to modern web standards along with an identity update for consistency on and offline.

Photography and video

As part of the redesign we needed to show the bespoke nature of the process, accuracy of manufacturing and extensive testing. We commissioned photographer Dave Green for a days shoot and the results show G&O Springs as the professional, knowledgeable company they are.

Alongside the photography, video was shot and then edited to create three shorts showcasing manufacturing, testing and an employee interview.

Showing the process

G&O Springs design and manufacture springs for aerospace and other safety critical applications.

The structure of the website needed to show each aspect of the process and how in depth their testing process is – something that sets them apart from competitors. Quality, in terms of accreditation, and performance metrics are an important element and clarity in these areas is essential.

To highlight the changing statistics and help the user to focus on the important information that they show, we used javascript to animate the chart data.

Going international

With international aerospace companies as their main business focus, content in other languages was critical.

We met with a DTI International Trade expert and discussed key areas of importance and the best approach to take. Wanting to maintain their reputation as experts and show respect for their clients, G&O Springs invested in professional translation rather than relying on in built browser extensions.

Visit springs.aero