Privacy and Cookies

Like most modern websites we use some cookies on our website. Currently this is limited to the use of Google Analytics and Hubspot.

Google Analytics provides us with some useful information that we look at from time to time to try and gain insight into our users and how they are using our website. We use this to improve our website for you.

You can read more information about how Google uses that data which it gathers here.

We use Hubspot as our CRM and this gives us the ability to personalise some content for different user groups. If you sign up for our blog or any other notification we will store your details securely in our Hubspot CRM. Here is a link to the Hubspot data privacy policy which might be helpful.

Your privacy

Any data or personal information that we do receive will be treated confidentially. We will not share your data with anyone outside of our organisation. Any email enquiries that we receive will be logged within our CRM and will receive a personal response. No data is stored in on our website.

We choose to use HTTPS to serve our website as this offers the best level of security. We have built this WordPress and it is hosted WP Engine. The enables us to keep the site fully up to date and as secure as we possibly can.

Last updated 20/4/2017