The right fit

An important question before embarking on any project. Are we right for each other? We enjoy working with companies of all sizes, from SMEs to global corporations, well known brands and exciting start-ups. What they have in common is a desire to establish a long term relationship with continued investment in their digital development.

Planning and strategy

We’re strong believers in prior preparation and the benefits this can have to the project. We understand how important it is to have good communication.

From an initial meeting you can expect briefs, specifications and project plans landing in your inbox for your approval. Once you give us the go ahead, your project will be booked and we'll get started.

Content first is our approach. We don’t mean final right at the beginning but by knowing what you want to say and the goals you’ve set we can create a much more successful project. In our experience, making these decisions in the early stages is worthwhile to have clear understanding of how you want your website to work.

Design and development

From the early stages our process merges design and development. This is a more efficient approach, encourages teamwork, and genuinely gives projects momentum.

We start with wireframes and prototypes so you’ll have a clear impression of how customers will flow through your website. Following approval we move onto final designs. We don’t design multiple concepts – we prefer to focus on what we feel is the best approach for you. We always design and build responsively meaning your website will naturally scale across multiple devices.

From design sign off we proceed to full development. Prior to this our development team will be setting up style guides and beginning to build the elements that will make up your final website.

Support and improvement

An essential component in a successful project and lasting relationship. Over time we will work hard to understand your business and align ourselves with your goals. This is where we might be different to other development teams - it's central to our ethos that we help our customers become, and remain successful.


Backed by a large community, WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems out there thanks to its user-friendly and intuitive interface. The flexibility it offers means we can customise both the front and back end to fit your specific business and admin needs, plus you’ll find numerous ways to nail down your search engine rankings.


They say Laravel contains a pinch of magic and it’s easy to see why. Built with security in mind and enjoying wide developer support, it’s a modern and maintainable PHP framework offering powerful templating, easier deployment and updating of applications, plus the ability to develop and API-interface the web app with other systems.

Take advantage of the Model, View, Controller (MVC) architecture, the database migration which allows you to easily integrate and move data, or the numerous in-built features that guarantee a solid code for your application, such as user-authentication. You can also forget about any manual maintenance when it comes to loading of PHP classes.


We all like a side project, the opportunity to stretch your ideas and create something while trialling new methods and frameworks. That’s why we started Fluido, our very own design and development arena – we dedicate time each week to developing projects that ultimately benefit everyone.

Our projects will be available for you to use, for more information visit


We recognise the importance of being involved in the wider development community. We like to share our findings and processes.

We host a Laravel Meetup which we started as forum for discussing and exchanging ideas and frequent other developer meetings such as WordPress Birmingham. We’ve also advised on the restyle of


Birmingham has a vibrant creative heart. Not a week goes by without something to enjoy in the city and we’re happy to participate in what it has to offer. Our team is involved in the running of the Badego events, enjoyed by many in the creative community.